So we had an empty apartment (and after a few stressful phone calls – electricity and water), the fun really began FURNITURE SHOPPING!   Hear me out. When I was little I loved Dollshouses, altogether less bothered by the dolls/people – I was more interesting in rearranging the furniture, and when I was a teenager, … More Decorating

Finding An Apartment

If you haven’t already guessed from the packing blog,  sometimes the inner project manager in me takes over, and my happy place often involves a colour-coded excel spreadsheet and a plan B. (and C,D,E…) Initially, looking for an apartment in Dubai did NOT take me to my happy place.  As you cannot rent an apartment … More Finding An Apartment


Finally leaving day was here, with the packing and goodbyes done, we made our way to Manchester Airport, after a small heart stopping moment, where my husband produced his old passport, and one very grumpy check in lady, we made our flight. After a few years of budget airlines, made famous by orange logos and … More Arrival


Before this it had been a long time since I’d had to properly pack. My most recent experiences of house moves have involved relationships:  focused around small, phased moves in – shelf by shelf and one very dramatic, shove everything into a box and hope-for-the-best, move out. It’s fair to say that my previous experience … More Packing


These past few weeks have been the best of first world problems, we are so tired from all of the goodbye parties and meals we have attended, but what a wonderful position to be in – having too many people you care about wanting to wish you well … More Goodbyes