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Music makes me feel old, I turned 30 this year and not only do I not know the songs in the Spotify chart, I don’t even know the artists.  I’ve also been trying to get back into running again, so even my favourite songs are starting to feel boring.

I’ve never really listened to radio, so it was a bit of surprise to me how quickly I fell in love with Podcasts.  The last 18 months before we moved out to Dubai,  my commute got a lot longer, and I started to listen to them more and more.  Women’s hour taught me things I was ashamed I didn’t know, and the soothing tones of great lives could get me through even the worst traffic the A483 could throw at me, but when I tried to listen to them here though, it made me feel really homesick, so I decided to broaden my podcast horizon. Below are a list of shows that made me feel less alone, taught me things I didn’t know I needed to learn, and made me laugh, a lot.

The Highlow  – Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton

The Highlow is what I like to think me and my friends, sound like during our girly catch ups (The reality probably involves a lot more cackling, and a lot less long words) The first time I heard this podcast, I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn’t know I’d been holding in.  Even for 40 minutes the familiarity of the conversation made a homesick woman feel a little less lonely, and kick start an obsession with Tina Brown.

P.S. Dolly Alderton’s “Everything I know about love” is the most accurate description of any of my teenage “relationships”, mostly conducted via the medium of MSN. Kids today will never know the rush of seeing your crush log on, and the torment trying to pick the perfect song lyric to be your chat name. I definitely recommend giving it a read.

Guilty Feminist – Deborah Francis White (and guests) 

This podcast has made me laugh. and cry. and get angry. and take a long hard look at the privileges that I didn’t realised I had.  This podcast made me prouder than ever to be a feminist, and taught me a lot about a topic I thought I already knew, and let me know its okay to laugh through my own “I’m a feminist but……”

Made of Human – Sofie Hagen 

Like a good scavanger hunt, Guilty feminist led me to listen to “Made of Human” Sofie Hagen’s own podcast, it is slightly heavier and I need to be in the right mood but this podcast has brilliant stories told by a well thought out mix of guests, plus the danish accent is an added bonus.

Here’s the thing – Alec Baldwin

How did I miss how amazing Alec Baldwin’s voice is for the first 30 years of my life? It’s ridiculous.  He books amazing guests, the episode with Barbara Streisand was so good that I took an extra loop around the block to finish it on my way home from work.

Guys we F***ED – NAMES 

I was so late to the party on this podcast, I thought I’d never make it through all the episodes, but 6 months later I’m nearly there. Again important topics are covered in hilarious ways, the episodes on the Harvey Weinstein scandal had such an impact on me, at the time it took the hosts 40 minutes just to read through the accusations, showing that they are never afraid to cover them importance topics – their book is also on my to do list.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

I think I fell a little bit in love with Adam and Joe years ago, their version of Titanic, ToyTiantic, was one of the first bits of comedy I remember probably laughing at, of course the Axe should of hit Jack in the head! The podcast is a joy to listen to because Adam Buxton seems like such a nice guy, and the guest are great.  I’m hope I never meet him just in case he’s not as nice in really life.

Bryony Gordon’s Mad World 

I think this podcast is so important, I found it after reading Byrony’s book Mad Girl.  Weekly, it de-stigmatises a number of mental health problems and puts a human voice to problems that are usually hidden.  It’s honest, painful and insightful often in the same breath.

Happy Mum Happy Baby 

I’m not a mum myself, but slightly stalk Giovanna Fletcher on social media and love her upbeat posts, from parenthood to body positivity, I love being nosy about a topic I know little about and can still skip past the scary parts.

Idiot – Chris Hardwick 

Previously – the Nerdist, this is one of my newer finds and I’ve only listened to a handful of shows but I’ve really enjoyed them all, and now I’m up to date with the rest of the list this is the next list to work my way through.

The Rugby Pod 

And finally, since opening admitting my love for podcasts to my husband I’ve listened to a number Rugby based podcast, most regularly the Rubgy  with Andy Goode & Big Jim Hamilton & hosted by Andy Rowe, and while my love of the sport will never be as big as his, I’ve been really impressed by the different topics they cover on the show, including homophobic abuse and mental health.



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