Desert Safari

After weekends filled with admin, furniture shopping, and jobs we’d finally got to the point where we could start doing the fun things, that Dubai has in abundance.  It’s hard with the summer heat to convince yourself going outside is a good plan. I’d describe it as a backwards winter – you only really want to stay inside and watch box sets, but out of fear of boiling rather than freezing.

That catalyst was we had a friend visit, which pushed us to investigate which activities could be done in summer. We decided on a desert safari, later in the day, and from the luxury of a car with air con. As we live near a big hotel it was really easy to arrange to be picked up by the company.

We drove out into the desert, a journey that still surprises me, it really doesn’t take long for the city to disappear and you to find yourself in the middle of a lot of sand. We reached the meeting point, a small area filled with white land cruisers.  I later learned that the cars have to go in at least pairs in case anything happens – It was probably good that I didn’t know this before.

I like to think I’m pretty intelligent, but for some reason my brain didn’t process the fact that I can get car sick on the shortest and calmest of journeys, and what the terrain that was going to be part of the safari.

I was delighted when we reached the half way point and I was allowed out of the vehicle. I was trying so hard to throw up, whilst simultaneously trying to figure out how I could get out of this without getting back into the car.  There were very few options.  I completely get the appeal of the drive, and how most people would find it exhilarating and fun.  I, however, closed my eyes as tightly as possible and employed all the calming breathing techniques/denial/praying to make it out alive.

We came to the BBQ stop and I really began to enjoy myself.  With my feet firmly on the sand, I realised how beautiful the desert was, and watching the sunset there was pretty memorable.  Dinner came with entertainment, however the polite clapping from our mainly British table was no match from the enthusiastic fangirl screaming coming from what I think was a Japanese Hen party.  It’s very wrong, but I found the drive home much more enjoyable, as it was too dark for the desert so we had to take the Main, tarmac covered, straight, road.

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