Eloping (ish)

We got engaged in Copenhagen in June 2016, where in a quiet corner of an amazing restaurant I got asked the big question.  We began planning a wedding, and after finding out our perfect venue was fully booked until 2018, we happily settled into a long engagement.

Along came Dubai, and after a few long discussions we realised the engagement was going to be a lot shorter than we’d planned.  We decided to keep the big day we had planned in 2018, and so something small, and simple.

The first question was, where?  My husband and I met in while we were both working for our local government office. This meant that if we chose the registry office, it would be in the building we worked and in fact they have moved the ceremony room since we left, so it would literally be in one of my old offices. We started to look at smaller local venues but nothing felt right.

Like all good decisions made by two people in their 30’s we found the solution thanks to a bottle of red wine and, google. We got engaged in Copenhagen, we already had a trip booked for my 30th, so maybe we could we get married there to?

It turned out it was actually pretty easy, especially when we found a company, (http://gettingmarriedindenmark.com/) who were amazing at sorting everything out, we had a few hairy moments with some late no trace letters from the British Government, but we were able to get the date we wanted and were all set to go.


So, Eloping, Ish? We didn’t go alone.  As I’ve mentioned before we’re both pretty close to our parents, and if they wanted to be there, then we were going to do everything to make to happen.  From making sure that we could get the date during a half term, to ordering new passports, booking flights, and booking hotels.

The weeks flew by, and arriving in Copenhagen it still didn’t feel real, we stayed at the same hotel as last time, SP34, which is an amazing hotel, the rooms may be small but the staff are amazing and there is an hour everyday that you get free wine. Yeah you read that right. The hotel were also great in arranging flowers and helping in some many ways.


The morning of the wedding was not conventional. We spent the night before in the same room, mooched down to breakfast together, and got ready whilst watching TV. It just felt right, there were no nerves or stress. We’d asked the hotel to arrange a room for us and our parents to have a glass of Champange in before, we were a bit early so we waited for the parents, and waited, and waited.

We eventually found all four of them, and made it to the church in time. I now officially retain the right to be as late as I want next year.

The ceremony was short, intimate and perfect, the only hitch may come when it turns out we’re not legally married, as they struggled with pronouncing my husband’s name.

Afterwards we had photos taken in Tivoli, an old amusement park, that inspired Walt Disney to create his own. We finished the day by having our breakfast meal at Host, the same restaurant were we got engaged. The food was incredible and it was probably one of the happiest meals I’ve had in my life.






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