Eloping (ish)

Without planning,  Copenhagen had played a pretty big part in our lives. In a quiet corner of an amazing restaurant (Host) I got asked a big question, the big question.  I said yes and we came home to the UK and started to plan the big white wedding, happily settling into a long engagement.

Then along came Dubai, and we quickly realised that the engagement was going to be a lot shorter than we’d planned.  We still wanted to keep our 2018 date to celebrate with our families and friends, but marriage is important and we wanted to make sure that even with a hastily arranged one, we wanted to do it right.

Where was the first big question.  My husband and I met in while we were both working for our local government office. This meant that if we chose the registry office route, it would be in the building we once worked in.  In fact, they have moved the ceremony room since we left the organisation, so the wedding would literally be in my old office.  We looked around locally for smaller venues but nothing felt quite right.

Like all the best decisions made by two adults in their thirties, we made our decision thanks to a bottle of red wine and google. We typed the words “How to get married in Denmark” and hoped for the best.

We got lucky. Really lucky.   The very aptly named Getting Married in Denmark (http://gettingmarriedindenmark.com) was the first result. A quick look through the website, and excellent reviews, we realised that getting married in the city we got engaged was a very real possibility.  For a very reasonable price they sorted everything out, and despite a few hairy moments with some late no trace marriage letters from the British Government, we were able to get the date we wanted and were all set to go.  There were no silly questions for Claire, our contact from the company, and the recommendations they provided from photographer to florist – all worked out perfectly.


So, Ish? We didn’t go it alone.  As I’ve mentioned before, we’re both pretty close to our parents and if they wanted to be there, then we were going to do everything we could to make that happen.

The weeks flew by, and arriving in Copenhagen it still didn’t feel real, we stayed at the same hotel as last time, SP34 (http://www.brochner-hotels.com/hotel-sp34/), which is an amazing hotel, the rooms might be small but the staff are amazing and there is an hour everyday that you get free wine. Yeah, you read that right.



The morning of the wedding was not so conventional.  We spent the night before in the same room, went to breakfast together, and got ready with each other, whilst watching TV.  It was the perfect chilled out morning, that I’m not sure we would have had with on a big day.

We’d asked the hotel to arrange a room for us and our parents to have a glass of Champange in before the wedding, we were a bit early so we went down to room and waited for the parents, and waited, and waited.


We eventually found all four of them, and made it to the church in time. I now officially retain the right to be as late as I want next year.

The ceremony was short, intimate and perfect, the only hitch may come when it turns out we’re not legally married, as they really struggled to pronounce my husband’s name.


Afterwards we had photos taken in Tivoli, an old amusement park, that inspired Walt Disney to create his own. We finished the day by having our wedding breakfast at Host, the same restaurant were we got engaged. The food was incredible and it was probably one of the happiest meals I’ve had in my life.



Getting Married in Denmark – http://gettingmarriedindenmark.com/

Hotel – http://www.brochner-hotels.com/hotel-sp34/

Florist – http://www.fiolblomster.dk/

Host – http://hostvakst.dk/host/

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