Moving Day

Like Kevin MccAlistar, I had realised that living in a hotel wasn’t always easy.  Our hotel was great,  but due to a lack of kitchen and having to avoid the daily clean, in the kind of heat where you couldn’t just pop outside for a bit, it wasn’t always the most relaxing situation.  And although I will forever be grateful that we had a base for two weeks without having to worry – it was time to go.

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Ikea reduced the stress of our move by about 99.9%, we’d managed to get the delivery date in before our time at the hotel was up, which meant the flat would be fully furnished by the time we got there.  The only thing weird about the service, is how awkward you feel while they’re building around you. Luckily all our kitchen stuff had arrived at the same time so I could busy myself with putting that away.  Another expat recently told me that he’d asked them to build him a chair first so he would have something to sit on, this story made me laugh and feel better at the same time.


I had made a few trips to the apartment throughout the second week in Dubai, and taken clothes with me as I went, so we were able to make the final move in one journey. As we checked out of our temporary home, I felt a little ping of sadness, aside from terrifying the cleaning staff when I came back from the gym a sweaty mess, the hotel had been our safety net – they could order us taxis when we had no idea where we were going,  bring things we’d forgotten up to the room and only sound mildly annoyed when they had to call the room to tell us the deliveroo driver was in their reception, again.

‘Moving in Day’ was going really well, until I lost the front door fob.  I am clumsy and prone to losing things, but this time actually hurt because of how hard I’d been trying NOT to lose it.  Turns out losing the thing that gets you into an aircon apartment, in 40 degree heat isn’t the best thing for a relationship, things were a little tense, while we filled out quite a few forms to get a replacement and had to ring security for a day to let us in and out. Whoops.  Now I’m not a relationship expert, but turns out you can fix most fights with a burger delivery…


Over the next few days, WiFi arrived, the washing machine, TV, and eventually the boxes we shipped from home.  We only had a few casualties, (and ceramic pineapple candle holders weren’t essentials.)  We unpacked the boxes, and wondered why we had both brought three coats – I can only blame the functioning exhaustion we both had in those last few days before we left, But at least we were in and it felt like home.


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