Before this it had been a long time since I’d had to properly pack. My most recent experiences of house moves have involved relationships:  focused around small, phased moves in – shelf by shelf and one very dramatic, shove everything into a box and hope-for-the-best, move out.

It’s fair to say that my previous experience left me unprepared to pack our entire lives and move 4,790 miles away.  Ever since we made the decision to move from the UK to Dubai, a very naive part of my brain was hoping packing could look like this:

d114686e095a4854c225c367cb52f0ed.jpg (600×315)

There were more than a few problems with this becoming a reality.   Most of my best friends live too far away to turn up with a bottle of Champange, and the ones who do live close enough – I like far too much and they didn’t deserve to spend time with the grumpiest version of me,  and quite frankly I did not have the energy to do a wardrobe parade. Instead packing took place: (mostly) sober, alone and with limited movement. 

We started at the point of just taking our suitcases, but then after we realised it would be cheaper to ship than to add extra cases, we fell like Alice, into the shipping rabbit hole.

We researched a couple of companies and settled on Anglo Pacific ( who had the best reviews, and ended up with 10 boxes.

Things I’ve learnt about packing: 

  • An over-cautious person should not be allowed unlimited access to bubble wrap – I’m already concerned about how I’m going to get rid of it at the other end.
  • You can be too tired to hide in a giant box and scare your new husband.
  • We own way more stuff than we need.
  • We had bags and bags of junk in a one bed flat that didn’t need to be there.
  • It will take a really, really long time to bubble wrap everything. Find a series you can half watch/pay attention to on Netflix – it will ease the pain.
  • Even the most organised, list making person needs one box that no longer belongs in a category – if that box gets opened in customs the labelling of “kitchen things” will be revealed as the outright lie that it is.

And then, eventually, you’ll end up with a tower of boxes and feel slightly sick as you waved goodbye to them and hope they end of up the other side of the world with you. And that you used enough bubble wrap.


UPDATE: As I check this blog for typos and get ready to post, four weeks later the boxes should be arriving at our apartment TODAY. I am very excited about this. 

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