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Music makes me feel old, I turned 30 this year and not only do I not know the songs in the Spotify chart, I don’t even know the artists.  I’ve also been trying to get back into running again, so even my favourite songs are starting to feel boring. I’ve never really listened to radio, … More Lists #1 Podcasts

Desert Safari

After weekends filled with admin, furniture shopping, and jobs we’d finally got to the point where we could start doing the fun things, that Dubai has in abundance.  It’s hard with the summer heat to convince yourself going outside is a good plan. I’d describe it as a backwards winter – you only really want … More Desert Safari

Eloping (ish)

Without planning,  Copenhagen had played a pretty big part in our lives. In a quiet corner of an amazing restaurant (Host) I got asked a big question, the big question.  I said yes and we came home to the UK and started to plan the big white wedding, happily settling into a long engagement. Then along … More Eloping (ish)


After a few weeks I needed to leave Dubai to renew my visa. There were a few options but 8 hours on a bus by myself, in the summer heat didn’t really win me over. Everyone kept telling us how beautiful Muscat was, and it seemed like the perfect excuse for a weekend break after … More Oman

Moving Day

Like Kevin MccAlistar, I had realised that living in a hotel wasn’t always easy.  Our hotel was great,  but due to a lack of kitchen and having to avoid the daily clean, in the kind of heat where you couldn’t just pop outside for a bit, it wasn’t always the most relaxing situation.  And although … More Moving Day